About Us


Pareto Global Associates was created in 2008 by Managing Director, Cyril Williams, to accelerate sales and market growth for new products and services, and fill strategic gaps in companies’ sales and marketing operations. In just over 6 years, Pareto Global Associates is already a proven expert in designing measurable, high-performing and innovative direct sales and marketing solutions for leading and emerging companies. As an integrated extension of the world’s most admired brands, Pareto Global Associates develop face-to-face sales programs through event based solicitations that help clients ensure brand recognition and awareness and maximize sales.


Pareto Global Associates takes its name from Vilfredo Pareto’s 80:20 principle. This economic law stated that 80% of Italy’s wealth was owned by a mere 20%. Putting this theory into business practice, Pareto Global Associates believes that 80% of a company’s business will be generated by 20% of our sales and marketing efforts. With that in mind, our success is based on our proven ability to drive measurable increases in our clients’ customer acquisition. We take your product or service to market with the same care and enthusiasm that you put into it. Our focus is on quality, with the highest qualified applicants at the lowest cost per acquisition, giving you an immediate Return On Investment.